Margaret Ramsay Médium


Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

I introduce myself to you, since you do me the honor to come to me.

I am angelic medium, with inspiration; since the age of 16. As a result of a coma, I woke up different! In the course of time, Perception of the Future became obvious to me. Everything flowed from source, I could foresee the events of the Future! Every event that I planned, was set up in the great wheel of Destiny. I accepted this Divine Gift, and I thank every day My Angels, whom I glorify and pray.

I am a medium writer, everything is easier for me under the pen ...

I work in France as well as abroad. English is my second language.

I do not draw cards by phone, only your voice counts.

The consultations can take place only by mail, if you wish, as long as I have all the data to be able to work or by telephone.

My consultations are reliable and refined, so I take few people to see each day.

Here is a panel of what I can offer you:

At the sentimental level: I can obviously help you choose the person you want and if it suits you, and if your story has a future. Tell you if the loved one will come back? All this is child's play for me!

For moms who are wondering about their pregnancy, I can answer them, and for the girls, tell them, the number of children they will have.

Help you choose one school more than another, a city where you have to settle more than another. In order to have a maximum of chances to have a serene life.

You have doubts about the fidelity of the spouse? I can help you answer it!


For people considering a separation from a couple, a divorce; before making this decision which can obviously be very heavy consequences; we can discuss it. My guide can guide you on the decision to take.

I am also a spiritist. If you want to ask questions to the deceased, I can connect and try to answer them, if I can catch them ... If they are available?

 My Magnetism is very powerful, and helps me detect health deficiencies. To relieve, to heal according to the cases. Of course, I am staying here, before starting a treatment, I must study the pathology you suffer before giving my consent for a care protocol.

For the business field, it's vast:

I can recommend the person to hire. Describe his character, ....

If you want to know the monthly income of a person, I can do it too.

If you hesitate between two job offers, we can take stock, weigh the pros and cons. Again, thanks to my gift, it is very easy for me to guide you.

Legal problems, divorce, alimony, contentious, .....

After it's on demand, you have to explain me by email, your expectations, your questions ...

After all is case by case, following the path of life of each and everyone!

I am profiling. I help with the search for missing persons.

My help is totally free. I will just ask you to cover my travel and hotel expenses when I work with the police.

If it is about families with small incomes, I take all the expenses at my charge.

But as a rule, I rarely move, I can work remotely, if I have all the necessary parts.

While reading you, I will pick you up, but I may ask you to talk to me by phone if necessary.

For me, no subject is taboo, I am very open, and I give all the information you may be able to hear.

But throughout the consultations I will always work for your spiritual, moral and material success.

The advice that I will distil you will always be to bring back the joy in your life, and to lighten the sentences!

Working on karma is my main activity!

It's not about basic clairvoyance!

If a decision must be made, it must have a positive impact for the future, and not cause a "backlash"!


I take away black magic, and I can put you under the protection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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